The TumbleUp4Life has a strict zero-cost policy. It is our absolute guarantee that 100% of all funds raised contribute directly to research into prevention, cures and recovery. The transparency and the integrity of our finances must be absolute, to honour the trust of our contributors and our relationship with the patients.

Many fund raising charities suffer criticism for their use of donations to run the fundraising activities itself. Regardless of their justification, such doubts undermine the credibility and success of any initiative. The TumbleUp4Life respects its sponsors by contributing all funds directly to the improvement of life for cancer victims.

The TumbleUp4Life implements the following zero-cost policy:

  • All funds from our sponsors go to the national cancer research funds in full.
  • We incur no costs unless strictly necessary (paying is not an option!)
  • When costs become imperative, all cyclists bear them together. On no account do sponsors bear any of the costs. Often cyclists pay their own way in equipment, travel and accommodation.
  • If the cyclists are unable to bear the costs, the investment does not go forward, and another, preferably free, alternative is sought.
  • Donations of any kind are converted to capital to benefit the national cancer research fund at maximum profit. Exceptions are the donation of services that benefit all cyclists. Examples are meeting facilities made available for gatherings, transport and logistics of specific places for equipment and supplies, accounting assistance for TumbleUp4Life and its subsidiaries.
  • Sponsors have a 100% guarantee that all funds reach the national cancer research fund and benefit directly the improvement of quality of life with cancer.

No shortcuts!

The cyclists are committed to demonstrate that exceptional results are achieved without any need to cut corners.

TumbleUp4Life encourages to keep costs for the cyclists to a minimum: very few expenses for the cyclists will be mandatory.