On this page we list the participants who will climb the Tumble on May 4th 2013. You can support them and the fight against cancer by making a donation on this page, or on the fundraising page of the participant you would like to support. If a participant has made a fundraising page, you are directed to this page by clicking on the name of the participant.

Alisdair Graham

Andy Lane

Anthony Hunt

Daniel Wood


Dave Hills

Dave Mollison

David Baker

David Jones

Dean Harvey

Derek Wallace

Diana Castrop

Eric Grill

Evan Lane

Ewan MacGillivray

Gareth Johns

Gareth Morris

Gareth Pratt

Gavin Powell

Heather Shaw

Helen Prandy

Ian Eggleton

Ian Homer


Jason Killiner

Jason Pritchard

Jeremy Tanguay

Jim Kersey

Judith Castrop

Julia Rogers

Julian Ross

Lawrence Gruijters

Lee Delahay

Leigh Wallis

Lindsay Williams

Lloyd Canham

Marc Boughton

Mark Farr

Mark Hanney

Mark Prosser

Matthew Burns

Matthew Pizey

Michelle Jones

Mike Turner

Morgan Jones

Nathan Priest

Neil Britten

Nick Lane

Nick Wachter

Nigel Wotherspoon

Paul Chaplin

Paul Fox

Paul Harris

Paul Harris CHT

Paul Jones

Peter Castrop

Peter Cooper

Phil Boynes

Richard Leeves

Richard Trigg

Richard Walker

Rob Armstrong

Robert Blowfield

Ryan Fletcher

Sarah Murray

Sarah Welton

Sean Williams

Shaun Regan

Simon Brick

Simon Smith

Siôn James

Steve Brown

Steve Day

Steve Prossner

Stijn Castrop

Tom Bourne