We don’t hesitate to say that the TumbleUp4Life is the toughest cycling event in the UK. Why? We start at 5 A.M., and the last climb starts at 8 P.M. Cyclists who are able to climb the Tumble (Blorenge) up to 15 times in one day need to cycle all day to achieve the impossible. In the first two editions of the TumbleUp4Life only two riders succeeded in climbing the Tumble 15 times in one day: Scott Ramsay and Coen van Veenendaal. But all the other riders achieved the impossible as well: they climbed the Tumble more times than they ever thought posssible.

Participants do not only show that we can achieve more than we think. They also show that it is possible to raise a lot of money in aid of Cancer Research UK. And that is exactly what the Tumbleup4Life is about: to make the impossible possible. On the bike as well in beating cancer.

So we invite you to stop hesitating. Join the TumbleUp4Life and achieve what you thought was imposssible. Together we will beat cancer !