Today is May 6th, and we are looking back on yesterday, the day of the TumbleUp4Life 2012. First of all we are very proud. The TumbleUp4Life was a big success, thanks to all the participants, volunteers and supporters. We are very lucky and honored to have met you all. We will never, ever quit and we will never, ever forget the beautiful day we had together.

We are also very proud of the money the participants raised in aid of Cancer Research UK. We don’t have the final numbers yet, but we know already that it is more than last year. We know from experience how much work, time and effort it takes to raise funds. In a few weeks time we will let you know what the final result of this years’ event is.

We are very happy that the event is growing. In 2011, the first year that the event was organised, 28 participants had entered the event. This year there were more than 70 participants, which is absolutely fabulous.

We are looking forward to meeting you all again in 2013.