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In the TumbleUp4Life cyclists unite to gather funds in support of cancer recovery. They also seek to share their inspiration about living life to the fullest, even when that seems an uphill battle. The struggle to conquer the Iron mountain, also known as the Tumble as many times as possible (with a maximum of 15 times) in a single day symbolizes the sheer impossible task that cancer patients undertake every day to live life in spite of a disease. Cyclists climb the mountain as many times as they can; for one this might be once, for others up to 15 times. All cyclists will push their limits at their own level.

Tumble Up 4Life 2012The climb starts in Llanfoist at 54 m altitude. The top is reached after 6 km, at the altitude of 512 m. Cycling the Tumble 15 times adds up to 6870 heightmeters. That is even more than climbing the Alpe d’Huez 6 times ! Indeed, cycling doesn’t get any tougher than this ! So please join us. We are convinced we will have a great day on the bike, with some lovely cakes (as a reward after the climb), sunshine and the chance to meet passionate cyclists. And adding to that the great feeling that we are all doing this together, in aid of Cancer Research UK.

If you would like to register for this years’ event, please click on Register in the menu. After completing your registration, we’ll send you further details.

Tumble Up 4Life 2012

The entry fee for the event is £ 5. We ask our participants to raise £ 50 (or more) in aid of Cancer Research UK. That way all the money raised will be used for Cancer Research UK’s work in Wales.

The start of the cycling event is at 5 AM at the Village Hall in Llanfoist (NP7 9LP, website http://www.llanfoistvillagehall.co.uk). Cyclists can start at 5 AM, or later at any time during the day. The last climb of the day has to be started before 8 PM. Each participant decides for him/herself how many times he/she will try to climb the Tumble in one day.

We ask participants to come inside the Village Hall before they start their first climb. In the Village Hall participants will receive their number. Entry fees can be payed here as well (in the case that the entry fee hasn’t been paid already on the fundraising page). Participants can also hand over money they raised to the organisation at the registration desk. Please remember that cheques need to be made payable to Cancer Research UK (and NOT the TumbleUp4Life). All the money raised goes directly to Cancer Research UK. That way sponsors know that the organisation takes nothing from their donations.

Cars can be parked near the Village Hall. There is also a small carpark near the B4246 (see the image below).
Village Hall Llanfoist