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Next year the TumbleUp4Life will be on Saturday May 9th. This is a special one, because it will be the fifth edition.

So please join us on May 9th 2015. As in previous years we are convinced we will have a great day on the bike or on the run, with some lovely cakes (as a reward after the climb), sunshine and the chance to meet passionate cyclists and runners. And adding to that the great feeling that we are all doing this together, in aid of Cancer Research UK.

If you would like to register for next years’ event, please click on Register in the menu. After completing your registration, we’ll send you further details.

In 2015 the entry fee for the event is £ 5. We ask our participants to raise £ 50 (or more) in aid of Cancer Research UK. We use JustGiving to raise money for the event. After registration participants can join the team on our fundraising page. That way all the money raised will be used for Cancer Research UK’s work in Wales.

If you would like to participate as a group (i.e. with your school), please contact us by email, and we’ll discuss the possibilities.

Information about the run

The Blorenge Challenge Run

Mynydd Du Mountain Running Club will put on a run from Llanfoist church up and down the Blorenge Mountain to complement and support the TumbleUp4Life cycling event. We will register runners at the Village Hall in Llanfoist. The start will be at 11 AM; people run up and down the Blorenge on the traditional route from the Llanfoist Church to Foxhunters Car Park and return about 4 miles and 1,841 feet of climb (561 m). It is anticipated that a good standard mountain runner will take about one hour to complete the course. Some hard-core runners may like to try to run the Blorenge route as many times as they can in one day as per the established TumbleUp4Life Cycling event. Once may be enough!!

The event will be organised by Adrian Woods, one of the founder members of the local mountain running club Mynydd Du (http://www.mynydd-du.org.uk/)

Details: Start at 11:00 am from Llanfoist Church.

Registration from 10:00 am Llanfoist Village Hall

Cost: £15.00. All proceeds and donations will go to Cancer Research UK

Venue: Village Hall Llanfoist, near Abergavenny (GR SO 287134)

Age limit: Over 16

Contact: Adrian Woods 01495 791754 or 07867818443

Email woodsadrian@btinternet.com

The run climbs the steep face of the Blorenge that is clearly seen looking south from Abergavenny. It starts from St Faiths Church, Llanfoist just across the road from the Village Hall.Carry on up the lane until it bends left (private access road to Llanfoist Wharf) then carry straight on to reach a tunnel under the Brecon and Monmouthshire Canal. Go through the tunnel. To the left is the old Wharfmaster’s house and to the right the wharf. Ahead is the ascent up the old Llanfoist incline that was known as “the big drop”. (Down this incline came trams filled with iron and coal from Garndddyrys to be loaded onto barges destined for Newport or Brecon). Continue straight up the path crossing stiles before leaving the woods behind to reach a final stile before the ascent up the steep face of the Blorenge.

The steep path upwards to the top is plainly visible. The north face is as close to vertical as you can get and you can expect to do more walking than running at this stage. It gradually gets steeper and steeper and you may find yourself using your hands to push off your knees or to pull you up by gabbing onto the side of the mountain!

Follow the path straight up and up and up until you reach the crest of the ridge where after a few yards is a small white brick building.

Here the climb goes back from vertical to horizontal as you make your way on unsteady legs to behind the building, heading SW towards the highest ground to quickly reach the well- defined boggy path to the summit trig point. A final rocky scramble and you are at the summit. Continue South heading towards the town of Blaenafon along the well-trodden path and head towards the radio masts and Foxhunters car park in the distance where you will be greeted by the marshals on the top.

This is the turnaround point where you head back on the path to the trig point behind you and down to the brick building on the ridge of the Blorenge Mountain. Here you will be directed by a marshal to a marked, less steep route contouring down and around the side of the mountain to take you back to the fields and the village of Llanfoist below.

(a good alternative for those who prefer a more leisurely route back would be to follow the path that leads to the “Punch Bowl” (a cwm with an attractive lake) and then contours back around to the start of the fields section).

Information for the participants

The start of the cycling event is at 5 AM at the Village Hall in Llanfoist (NP7 9LP, website http://www.llanfoistvillagehall.co.uk). Cyclists can start at 5 AM, or later at any time during the day. The running event starts at 11 AM near the Village Hall, on the other side of the B4246. Runners have to start their (first) climb at 11 AM. The last climb of the day has to be started before 8 PM. Each participant decides for him/herself how many times he/she will try to climb the Tumble in one day.

We ask participants to come inside the Village Hall before they start their first climb. In the Village Hall participants will receive their number. Entry fees can be payed here as well (in the case that the entry fee hasn’t been paid already on our fundraising page). Participants can also hand over money they raised to the organisation at the registration desk. Please remember that cheques need to be made payable to Cancer Research UK (and NOT the TumbleUp4Life).All the money raised goed directly to Cancer Reserach UK. That way sponsors know that the organisation takes nothing from their donations.

Cars can be parked near the Village Hall. There is also a small carpark near the B4246 (see the image below).
Village Hall Llanfoist

Why we climb the Tumble



We climb the Tumble as a cyclist or as a runner because we love to cycle and to run. The TumbleUp4Life adds something to that love. It adds the feeling that together we can make a difference. By raising money for cancer research in Wales. That way we can beat cancer sooner.

Why this research is needed

Smiling female scientist holding a pipette and test tubeOver 320,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK and more than 17,700 in Wales alone.

Beating cancer needs research that spans the entire country and every new discovery needs to drip down to each town, hospital and cancer patient in South Wales and throughout the UK.

The impact of our work

Cancer Research UK supports numerous local clinical trials in the South Wales, including Aberystwyth, Swansea, Newport, Pontypool and Penarth among others. These trials offer hope to thousands of people with cancer in the region.

We also support the Cardiff Cancer Research UK Centre, a research hub where scientists, doctors and nurses work side by side to speed-up the pace of cancer research even more.

By supporting our work in South Wales you can help us in the fight against cancer. Our research could not progress so efficiently without the dedication of our amazing researchers and supporters in South Wales.

Our research in the capital

As well as being the capital of Wales, Cardiff is set to also become the Welsh capital of cancer research too. It is now home to the Cardiff Cancer Research UK Centre  where our scientists deliver cutting edge research, and also the Cardiff Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre(ECMC) where the latest treatments are revolutionising the way cancer is treated.

Among the strengths of the Cardiff Centre is world-class research into the genes and treatment of bowel and breast cancer and leukaemias. One example is the work of Professor Alan Clarke.

Professor Clarke is studying the genes behind the development of bowel cancer. Knowing how genes interact together is important in helping us understand how bowel cancer starts and develops. This is vital information that could help researchers understand how to  tackle it.

And in the region

Several clinical trials supported by Cancer Research UK through the Wales Cancer Trial Network are ongoing in South Wales’ hospitals, like Dr Tom Crosby’s at the Velindre hospital.

Dr Crosby is looking into an alternative to surgery for people with cancer of the oesophagus(foodpipe) that cannot be removed. He is adding Cetuximab, a biological drug called a monoclonal antibody, to conventional chemotherapy and radiation to see if adding this drug to treatment can help more people survive this type of cancer.

Dr Parker from the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton is coordinating another trial, offered in Swansea and Newport. The trial will determine whether or not men should receive radiotherapy straight after surgery for prostate cancer and if radiotherapy works better when hormone therapy is administered at the same time.

At the moment there is no consensus as to how it’s best to treat patients after surgery, and since every treatment comes with side effects, Dr Parker wants to make sure people are not given unnecessary treatment, but that they still get the greatest possible benefits.

The difference you can make

Your support could help us fund essential research and clinical trials that are giving hope and more years to people with cancer across Wales and the rest of the UK.

Please help us by supporting our research in South Wales.

Newsletter 3



New to this years’ event will be a fell run to the top of the Tumble. Mynydd Du, the mountain running club from Abergavenny, organises the run as part of the event. The start will be at 11 AM. Just like the cyclists the runners will try to climb and descent the Tumble as many times as they can. The run is off road and it’s not a race. It is also possible to combine running and cycling during the event. The entry fee for the runners is the same as for the cyclists, £ 15, and will be donated in full to Cancer Research UK. On top of the entry fee, we ask all participants, cyclists and runners, to raise £ 50 in aid of Cancer Research UK.


Newsletter 3


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